Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting Out of Town in an Emergency

Recently, Grant and I have been talking about Emergency Preparedness. It is something we really strive for, and we work at it a little at a time, and talk about it frequently.
Our most recent conversation turned to our cars, Pixie and Mitsi. You see, in Nevada, we are surrounded in almost every direction by miles upon miles of NOTHING. And that's a good thing! A lot of people can't stop talking about the "imminent end of the world" that is supposedly coming in December of next year. While I don't really believe 12/2012 will bring the end of the world, I recognize that a lot of people really do believe that. And when faced with the prospect of a disaster, people are capable of terrible things.
In the event of rioting and power loss in the city, staying at home is a viable option for us. We have one room in our home that has a wood-burning fireplace. While it would be cramped with all the people living here, it is certainly possible. But what if, the best solution is to leave town? Could Pixie or Mitsi save the day? They sure could, provided we stay prepared! We figured out that half a tank in either car could get us at least 200 miles away. Here is Nevada, that could put huge distances between us and trouble.
So, our goal is to keep half a tank of gas in one of our cars at all times, with the priority being on Mitsi, the newer car featuring more interior storage and better mileage. In addition to this, each car is getting a little survival box with gloves, blankets, can openers and a few cans of food, and water. I don't want to go overboard with my trunk kit, since I don't want to weigh the car down too much.

This post is being linked on Homestead Revival! They are a great resource for preparedness! I have learned a lot there

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  1. It's nice to meet you Michele. Thank you for stopping by "Teacups In The Garden" and leaving a comment...and participating in the give-away.

    I think it is wise to be ready for a disaster if one should come our way, but I try not to focus too much on it and let it become worry (I tend to lean in that direction if I'm not careful).

    I want to live my life according to the "what is" and not the "what ifs," yet I do have an emergency box in the closet just in case; with oil lamps, matches, water, etc. Living on a farm is a little different than living in the city. Our lifestyle is more self-reliant for food and heat. The pantry is always full!

    There have been doomsday predictions my whole life that CA would fall off into the Pacific Ocean; so I learned to swim, but didn't buy a boat:) I guess in that respect I am a minimalist.

    If the end of the world does come, my biggest preparedness will be trusting God:)


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