Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentine's Day and Romance

Hello readers! Long time no chat! Today is Valentine's Day! I came home from taking Dad's cat, Whiskers, to the vet, to find some lovely flowers from Grant! I added them to the vase that is holding the flowers he got me late last week. Yes, you heard me. In the past week, Grant has doubled the number of times he has brought me flowers.

The irises are from today, everything else is "vintage" from last week!

I was thinking about romance today, and where we learn our romantic preferences. You see, I love getting flowers and other little gifts. It really brightens my day. I think I learn this from my Mom's relationship with my Stepdad. Stepdad is really romantic. He and my mom celebrated all kinds of anniversaries. 1 month. 6 months. 18 months. All of that. And sometimes, he would bring her balloons or flowers for NO REASON. When he decided to propose to my mom, he went all out. He and Mom love going to concerts together. They went to one up in Tahoe, although I forget who was performing. After the show, they went outside and saw a limo.
"Let's see who they're waiting for," he said, "it could be someone famous!"
The limo was waiting for THEM. In the limo was a bouquet of roses. They rode around the lake and stopped at a few beaches. At one of the beaches, he proposed with a huge diamond solitaire ring. Of course, she said yes. That was almost 12 years ago, and they are happily married and have 2 adorable kids together.

My romantic reality is much different. And I am okay with that, but it took some getting used to. When I wanted to celebrate our 2 month anniversary, Grant said something along the lines of
"Woman! How many anniversaries do you need?!"
And I already told you guys about flowers.
But Grant is romantic in his own way. He likes to do things around the house to show he cares. He fixes things that I didn't even know COULD be fixed. It was not what I expected, but this is his type of romance. It took some adjusting, for sure, but I have grown to appreciate his own variety of romantic gestures.
When he proposed, it was uniquely "us," and decidedly unflashy. We watched a total lunar eclipse at midnight, out in front of the mall (I had just gotten off of work in the mall and there wasn't time to go anywhere else before the eclipse started). He made some cute/corny astronomy-themed statements about our relationship, and presented me with a beautiful floral ring made of blue and white sapphires. It was hardly my mother's proposal, but it was everything I could have asked for and so much more. It was perfect for us.